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Friday March 4, 2005

Boy, when you've been operating in crunch mode for long enough your body gives up telling you to stop - until you do actually stop. Mine has been screaming its displeasure since I got home yesterday afternoon. Good thing Mike treated me to lunch after we were 'let go' from the hospital because I was too tired to even think about eating post nap. Too tired to join him at Chu Shing last night either.

Despite a long rest overnight and this morning, I only started feeling slightly human late in the day today. Boo hiss.

Welcome amusement was found in the title of Mike Hoye's latest post. A very long time ago, my sister made super hero outfits for my super children. As it happens I have a picture that I've promised to share now. Here are "Super Mike" and "Super Steph":


For obvious reasons, there's an 'M' on his chest, but still...

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