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Wednesday August 4, 2004

I've been trying to recuperate from the Impossible Move that just took place. I know, that's a bit of a contradiction, but it seemed an impossible task and has turned out only to be extremely difficult and exhausting after all.

I say "trying to recuperate" because I find it difficult to relax as I know I should while surrounded by a jumble of boxes. The trailer (my little one) got unloaded along with the Jeep the other day and then I ran out of mental and physical steam. I hoped the holiday weekend would mean a slight reprieve in the parking restrictions on the street in front of the house and I was lucky in that respect.

On Tuesday (that was yesterday, I believe) I confidently approached the handiest storage place you could imagine: just a short walk from my new abode. Their yellow pages ad indicated vehicle storage was part of their service offering and I had taken a walk past the establishment the day before, observing that the parking lot was more empty than full. Cool, I thought, lots of room for my cute little trailer.

Not that simple after all. They are phasing out vehicle storage in favour of building more indoor units. Bummer. One more night and part of today out on the street. (No ticket again!) This afternoon I found a place in Westboro that has lots of space and left it there.

Next up is reorganizing the basement that is my part of this house. Partly because I absolutely must clean it to reduce my allergic reactions and partly to make it more workable. During the unloading of the truck, there wasn't time for strategic placement of furniture and shelving. For that matter, it was difficult to estimate what was best placed where when there was more to come. And I was too tired to think.

But really, a lot has gotten done over the past week and a half:
1) The first truck was loaded and unloaded with the help of many people, including Stephanie, Michael, George, Stewart and Mike Hoye. There's a whole 'nuther post coming about the disaster that was the first day of this move. That was a long long day indeed. Stay tuned.

2) The box spring that was handily made more, um, bendable by The Man With The Leatherman Saw was made safe to sleep on (honestly, it *did* tip finally!) by the installation of several mending plates by moi. And only two trips to the hardware store required - right Steph? Sheesh!

3) Internet service was installed and got up and running here in Ottawa with only a minor snafu regarding the appointment time that delayed my return to Kingston by a day.

4) A Uhaul trailer was rented, loaded, driven to Ottawa, unloaded and driven back to Kingston in 24 hours by moi again.

5) The final push of packing/tossing/recycling and loading of the Jeep and my small trailer as well as a cursory 'sweep' of the empty apartment was completed with the help of Larissa and Chris in Kingston that same day - the last day of the month and the one by which I had been ordered to be gone by the Tribunal.

6) The final unloading was done; the internet connection was put through some Roger's induced chaos but survived; and today the trailer was placed into storage and I removed the useless Roger's software from my PC (it was completely unnecessary as it turned out and annoyingly appointed itself as my default browser - requiring me to 'log in' each time it wanted to display a page.... DUH! Besides, it was slow as molasses and once I'd figured out how to point Thunderbird at their email server, just taking up space IMO.)

I have an offer of help if I need any more this week, so I think it's safe enough for me to start to relax.


Many thanks to all who made the Impossible happen.

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